Recently, vaccine manufacturer, Moderna announced that they were witnessing positive results from the COVID-19 vaccine that they are developing. Although, they are early in the clinical trials process, we at Pharmacy Synergistics thought that their unique technology was interesting enough to share with you.

You see, this vaccine is not your grandfather’s vaccine. Unlike the annual flu vaccine where scientists actually grow the flu virus in chicken eggs, deactivate it with formaldehyde, then send it through a purifying process, Moderna uses a molecule called messenger RNA (mRNA) to create antibodies that attack the COVID-19 virus.

In order to explain how mRNA works, it is important to understand some basic cellular biology. The cells in your body consist of a nucleus, which is where your DNA make-up is held, and cytoplasm that contains a variety of tools called organelles that keep the cells alive and multiplying. Think of the cell like a restaurant, where the kitchen is the nucleus that keeps the proprietary dishes (DNA) and where it develops new recipes (mRNA), in order to remain viable or defend against outside threats (Viruses).